Aug 5, 2013

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Tracklist

Here's the full tracklist as composed by Atli Örvarsson:

  1. Clary’s Theme
  2. City of Bones
  3. Your Secret is Safe
  4. The Clave’s Curse
  5. Pretty Far From Brooklyn
  6. Close the Dome
  7. The Mortal Cup
  8. The Angel Rune
  9. Madame Dorothea
  10. Magnus Bane
  11. Demon Doll
  12. Where’s the Cup?
  13. You’re a Morgenstern
  14. J.C.
  15. She’s Not A Mundane
  16. Valentine
  17. Midnight in the Garden
  18. Vampires and Werewolves
  19. Mortal Instruments – The
  20. The Portal

This comes out on music outlets on the 20th of August. Pre-order it here.

TMI Score: Clary's Theme

Listen to Clary's Theme by Atli Örvarsson. Sounds so good, right?

You can pre-order the TMI Score by Atli Örvarsson here (iTunes). Download  Clary's There here.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones score will be available on music outlets August 20th.

Seasons of the Shadowhunters

Enjoy these fab creations by Cassandra Jean featuing the TMI characters as autumn, the TID characters as winter, the TLH characters as Dpring and the TDA characters as summer.

Jul 2, 2013

Watch the Latest The Mortal Instruments Trailer

Constantin has recently released the newest trailer for the much anticipated movie adaptation - The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. This trailer includes scenes from the past trailers but also includes new ones. We get to see Luke, Izzy and her whip and lots of new scenes.


Apr 3, 2013

Official Trailer: The Mortal Instruments (City of Bones)

After an agonizing wait from Wondercon to April Fools Day, the official trailer for the City of Bones movie has been released.

The trailer needs no setting up for those who've read the books but here's one for mundanes.

Clary, a seemingly normal girl discovers that she's a Shadowhunter. Her mother get kidnapped and she joins forces with her new-discovered Shadowhunter peeps to find her.

That's basically it but with demons, angels, werewolves, vampires, warlocks, and faeries thrown in. This is not you sappy YA movie. This is gonna be action-packed!

And don't confuse this movie with other YA movies. There's no ingenue human girl as a protagonist. "If I'm not human, then what am I?", as Clary said in the trailer. She blows stuff up and they she kicks the shit out of her father. There's no love triangle. Simon and Jace never competed for Clary. Clary made her own choice without being confused when it comes to that matter. Sure, it's supernatural but don't get it twisted.

Now I'll leave you to enjoy the trailer!
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